Mission Statement

To promote diverse and sustainable agricultural practices within Boulder County that reflect the production of local food and feed using best farming practices, integrated pest management, conservation of water and soil resources, responsible pesticide use and management, and respecting the principles of coexistence relative to all approved farming methods.


About FAIR

FAIR membership is compromised of diversified family farmers and ranchers from around Boulder County who support sustainable agriculture.  FAIR members believe that the current County Cropland Policy reflects the diversity of all segments of agriculture in Boulder County, within a policy that fosters coexistence in the agricultural community.

FAIR is committed to sustaining and supporting a wide range of approved farming practices, emphasizing the production and sale of local food and feed, and education of the public and policy decision makers about the best farming practices that promote sustainability of our soils and water.

FAIR supports its education and outreach efforts through contributions from its members and through auxiliary organizations that promote farming in Boulder County and in Colorado.

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