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Boulder County Ag

Boulder County Agriculture

Boulder County’s agriculture practices are created to be as sustainable as possible for the area. As such we should listen to farmers when they talk about what they need in order to produce food in as sustainable a way as possible.

Farmers really have two goals: to feed the people and to protect the land so they can continue to feed people. Here in Boulder, we take these goals very seriously.

We have more than 855 farms which total in 132,984 acres of farmland across the county. The average farm has 155 acres and all farms have more than 25,000 open space acres. The total market value of products in the region is $33,883,000, making it a significant part of Boulder’s economy.

We produce many crops including alfalfa, wheat, barley, corn and silage, sugar beets, pinto beans and sunflowers. We also raise cattle, sheep, goats, swing and poultry for food and dairy products. To do that we use a mix of production methods such as conventional growing, certified organic and organic practices and agritainment. What we do and how we do it is all meant to be sustainable and protect the lands we live on.


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