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FAIR strives to promote diverse and sustainable agricultural practices within Boulder County that reflect the production of local food and feed using best farming practices, integrated pest management, conservation of water and soil resources, responsible pesticide use and management, and respecting the principles of coexistence relative to all approved farming methods.




What kind of reaction do you have to these two statements?

"The global scientific consensus is real. Facts do not have a political bias. Our elected leaders need to follow the science when they make policy, or there will be serious consequences for our future."


"Scientists can't be trusted. The so-called data is controlled by special interests with a financial incentive. What's being touted as 'facts' doesn't match up with what I believe to be true, so I'm going to ignore it."
Imagine the topic being discussed is climate change. If you're like a lot of folks here in Boulder County, you would align squarely with the first statement. You'd probably think that anyone who believed the other statement (the "scientists can't be trusted" one) was dangerously misinformed and blinded by their own political or cultural bias, and you might break out the #ScienceIsReal hashtag.

Now, imagine that the topic being discussed is GMOs. Does that change your perspective? Why? The global scientific consensus on the safety and sustainability of GMOs is just as strong as it is for the reality of human-made climate change. And yes, rest assured that the scientists (and farmers) who study this issue are including all of the aspects of GMO cropping systems in this analysis, like the conservation-focused use of safe pesticides.

If you care about the future of the planet you should care about agriculture. We need to continue to improve the ways that we feed people safely, sustainably, and with the efficient use of land and our natural resources. Advances in carefully studied agriculture technology -- like precision GE cropping systems -- are part of how we do that.

Don't let dogma get in the way of science-based policy. Our future depends on it. #ScienceIsReal
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